About Kenkre Dental Care

Dr. Shilpa Kenkre Kamat

Consulting Dental Surgeon

Dr. Shilpa Kenkre Kamat has completed her B.D.S. from Goa Dental College and Hospital, Bambolim, Goa in the year 2oo6.
She has then done Junior Residency in the Dept of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery for 1 year.
She is into private practice since ten years.

Our Mission

We, at Kenkre Dental Care, try to understand our patients’ needs and then work out a treatment plan that suits them the best and all this is done at affordable rates!
Do walk in to any of our clinics for a consultation and experience the difference.
We always place the patients needs ahead of other things. Basically it is important to know what the patient wants or expects from us as dentist what is ideal in dentistry is sometimes not what the patient actually wants, so ultimately the patient is not happy with the outcome even though the treatment that was given was the most ideal for him/her.
We provide highly affordable treatment as compared to our competitors, without compromising on the quality of treatment.

Facilities at the Clinic

The state-of-the-art facilities at Kenkre Dental Care include:
1. Dental chairs which are computerized, fully automatic and with power back-up.
2. Intraoral cameras for image recording.
3. Intraoral xray machine.
4. RVG(Digital radiography) with minimum radiation and instant xray images.
5. Light curing units and ultrafast lights for bonding and filling of teeth.
6. Total sterilization and disinfection using autoclaves.