• "I have just had all my top teeth bridged and veneered and would like to say what an excellent dentist this is and I am greatly happy with my new smile. I strongly recommend this dentist if you are in need of dental treatment in Goa. Dr. Shilpa Kenkre is very caring and gentle and she put me at ease having this work done. Again very happy and a big thank you."

    Nicola Keys

    Manchester, UK
    06th June 2017

  • "I had got a few crowns on my top and bottom front teeth about 2 years back done by Dr. Shilpa Kamat and she has done an excellent job I must say my friends back in Germany have also liked her work so much that they asked for her address and details in order to get their dental work done in Goa with her. Thankyou very much Dr. Shilpa!"

    Michael Viegas

    May 2017

  • "I have just returned from Goa, after having dental treatment. I lost my front 3 teeth 10 months ago and used a denture, I hated it, and made the decision to go for implants. I chose Dr. Shilpa Kenkre Kamat from Panaji - Goa. From our first email to my final stage of treatment, this lady was amazing. She knew I was nervous but calmed me each time we met. I'm so happy I chose her, I had my first consultation, she gave me a price I was happy with, it was excellent value, my treatment would have cost me 4 times the amount back in the UK, I would recommend anyone to forget the nerves and go for it. It was never painful, just a bit uncomfatable at times, other than that I would do it all over again.
    I had 6 extractions, 1 root canal, bone grafts, 5 implants and 12 zirconia teeth with lots of stitches on my upper jaw. The finishing results were amazing, so much that I had my bottom teeth whitened. It took 12 days from start to finish. Dr. Shilpa, Thank you does not seem enough for all that work."

    Catherine Traynou

    18th March 2016

  • "I had dental implants at Kenkre and the results are just amazing. I am enjoying a new life with my new bright smile. The full process took me two weeks and affordable accommodations are available near the clinic. At Kenkre I found charming personnel very dedicated to their job and caring for your comfort. The cost is affordable and the results are guaranteed no matter to worry about painful sessions or suegery. The process is quite painless and you can have food the same day."

    Michael Camara


  • "I have been visiting Panaji-Goa, India, where I had the pleasure and the chance to be treated by a very good dentist, Dr. Shilpa Kamat from Kenkre Dental Care and also by one of her colleagues. I was treated for a dozen of dental fillings, a clean up and polishing. I was really impressed with the quality of the care received, the speed, the efficiency, the professionalism, the kindness and without forgetting the softness which is an important factor for me. And not to forget the price quality that was excellent and very competitive. I strongly recommend this very good dentist practice and very caring dentist. Dr.Shilpa Kamat from Kenkre Dental Care in Panaji."

    Kevin Buckmaster


  • "Recommend for all your dental problems. I would recommend anyone with a dental problem to forget the nerves and go for Kenkre Dental Care. I had a filling and dental bridge at Kenkre Dental and the process was quite painless and affordable. Thank You Dr.Shilpa Kenkre for providing me with such an affordable and caring service."

    Kishori Krishna Dessai